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Revenue Optimization for Cargo

Gain clarity on revenue performance and optimization with AI-driven decision intelligence.

Product Line

Commercial Optimization

Our advanced deep learning technology and user-friendly solutions help cargo airlines better forecast capacity and demand to maximize revenue potential from perishable capacity through pricing, product design, O&D-mix optimization, Offer & Order design, and optimal booking recommendations.
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Cargo Intelligence

Make better utilization, demand forecasting, and usage decisions.

Better capacity and demand decision-making

Get visibility into airline cargo revenue performance with a single source of truth for airline cargo and revenue data.

Scalable for mixed-fleet and belly-only carriers

Manage cargo against passenger and baggage bookings, forecasting, and revenue to focus efforts and plan capability.
Cargo Intelligence Interface
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Cargo Revenue Management

Find the optimal price floor for free sale and allocation contracts.

Maximize revenue potential from perishable capacity

Analyze and make decisions based on pricing, product design, O&D-mix optimization, and optimal booking accept/reject recommendations.
Cargo Revenue Management UI

Revenue optimization for all cargo needs

Optimize revenue based on volume, weight, position, handling, and combinability requirements whether maximizing passenger flight cargo space or booking cargo-only flights.
Cargo revenue management UI

Always know the right price for cargo space

Price entry conditions are updated for the entire forward schedule as new data becomes available so that the most optimal price is always available.


Find out what makes FLYR’s platform so powerful

Deep learning AI

Our AI-first platform uses the latest technology to constantly learn from context.

Single-pane view

View and analyze all revenue data in one place.

Streamlined processes

Manage business outcomes with adaptable automation capabilities.

Legacy compatible

Process-focused implementation that includes backward-facing integration and powerful APIs.

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FLYR is changing commercial operations for travel and transportation companies around the world by helping them make smarter, more informed decisions on pricing, capacity, and forecasting while boosting data analytics and reporting. Contact our global team today to find out more about FLYR’s AI-driven solutions for connected intelligence and revenue optimization.
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