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Commercial Optimization for Cargo

The Commercial Operating System helps cargo airlines maximize revenue, drive loyalty, and fulfill orders with speed and efficiency using deep learning-based AI solutions.
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Commercial Optimization

Our advanced technology and user-friendly solutions help cargo airlines build smarter capacity and demand forecasts, analyze historical capacity usage, and plan for optimal loads to optimize revenue and offer the right price and belly space to the right customers at the right time.


Find out what makes FLYR’s solutions so powerful.

Deep learning AI

Our AI-first platform uses the latest technology to constantly learn from context, analyzing millions of airline and industry data points to offer the most intelligent, optimized results for all decisions.

Single-pane view

View and analyze all passenger, flight, market, and revenue data in one place, across all business operations, to eliminate the siloed information that plagues legacy airline processes.


Technology automates day-to-day decision-making to allow analysts to focus on more strategic business outcomes to improve revenue optimization.

Legacy compatible

Backward-facing integration, powerful APIs, and compatibility with legacy and in-house technology and processes allow airlines to implement new technology quickly, efficiently, and easily.


Built in the cloud, FLYR’s solutions safely and securely manage all airline data, while implementation, maintenance, and continuous feature updates are automatic and included in subscription costs.


Accelerate, optimize, and automate commercial decisions to revolutionize the way travel companies are meeting the demands of today’s connected and dynamic travelers.
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