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Revenue Optimization for Airlines

Automate and optimize pricing decisions across the airline.

Product Line

Revenue Optimization

FLYR is the only end-to-end continuous price solution in the industry. Make better pricing decisions, automate tedious day-to-day pricing tasks, and maximize revenue performance across your entire operations using deep learning-based AI.
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Flight Revenue Management

Make better pricing decisions and drive overall revenue performance.

Solutions for point-to-point and O&D airlines

Automatically consider leg-level opportunity costs and itinerary-level traveler willingness to pay and produce highly accurate leg and O&D pricing decisions for revenue and bookings.

Greater visibility into revenue and performance

Automate repetitive daily tasks so analysts can focus on more strategic decision-making, like successfully targeting specific markets or competitors.

Go beyond historical data to get better context

Deep learning optimizes directly from contexts such as market and competitive forces, customer segmentation, and network changes to provide greater revenue awareness and increase analyst efficiency.

Compatible with existing solutions and technology

Cloud-native software exchanges information with existing PSS and data aggregators, providing backward compatibility into current legacy solutions while preparing for future technological opportunities.

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Ancillary Revenue Management

Optimize the price for a la carte ancillary products, fare families, bags, and more.

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Automated, optimized prices for ancillaries

Eliminate the guesswork and stale, stagnant pricing for ancillary products with the only solution on the market that automates and actively optimizes airline ancillary products.

Deep learning-powered continuous price models

Produce automated updates to subscribed ancillary products and services as soon as new booking and revenue data is delivered to the system.
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Unlocking Total Revenue Potential with Advanced AI

Using advanced AI, airlines are realizing the potential of total revenue optimization, allowing analysts to forecast revenue generated by each flight, beyond the fare itself.
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Cargo Revenue Management

Find the optimal price floor for free sale and allocation contracts.

Maximize revenue potential from perishable capacity

Analyze and make decisions based on pricing, product design, O&D-mix optimization, and optimal booking accept/reject recommendations.
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Revenue optimization for all cargo needs

Optimize revenue based on volume, weight, position, handling, and combinability requirements whether maximizing passenger flight cargo space or booking cargo-only flights.
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Always know the right price for cargo space

Price entry conditions are updated for the entire forward schedule as new data becomes available so that the most optimal price is always available.
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Fare Optimization

Build filed fares that are reflective of the optimal and continuous price points.

Create optimized filed fares

Continuous price points maximize revenue and provide detailed analytics, including comparisons with competitors, and allow fares to be published directly to ATPCO.

Automate fare change filing processes

Increase pricing team productivity by automatically ingesting existing fares and publishing optimal fares using direct integration with ATPCO and other sources.

Enable real-time competitor tracking

Automatically ingest existing fares and get detailed fare performance analytics, including comparisons to competitor fares.
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Dynamic Pricing

Real-time, continuous optimal pricing and booking class-level availability for any requested itinerary.

Accelerate time to revenue

Real-time dynamic pricing enhances the availability and pricing response to every shopping request, removing reliance on legacy availability proxies, filed fares, and PSS inventory systems.

Get real-time pricing

Real-time pricing and availability plus operational performance insights for any requested itinerary, any time, based on uploaded itinerary or product availability rules.

One single user interface to manage pricing and availability

Low-latency APIs serve prices to hundreds of millions of pricing requests, for any itinerary, ancillary, or product bundle at any time, and provide statistics on operational performance.

Calculate optimal price and availability for partner segments

Upload partner proration and agreements and itinerary availability rules, and use embedded machine learning models to further optimize flight RM outputs based on itinerary-specific information.


Find out what makes FLYR’s platform so powerful

Deep learning AI

Our AI-first platform uses the latest technology to constantly learn from context.

Single-pane view

View and analyze all revenue data in one place.

Streamlined processes

Manage business outcomes with adaptable automation capabilities.

Legacy compatible

Process-focused implementation that includes backward-facing integration and powerful APIs.

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