FLYR invests in Roam Around and enters strategic partnership

The Commercial Operating System for Airlines

Optimize total revenue by improving pricing, forecasting, and fulfillment while boosting customer satisfaction.

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Commercial Intelligence

Connect commercial-wide business decisions and outcomes through a centralized “mission control” view of critical commercial operations, data, and insights that drives smarter business forecasts and pricing strategies for improved revenue performance across the airline.

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Revenue Optimization

FLYR is the only comprehensive, continuous price solution in the industry. Make better pricing decisions, automate tedious day-to-day pricing tasks, and maximize revenue performance across your entire operations using deep learning-based AI.

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Offer and Order

FLYR’s end-to-end solution for Offer and Order management allows airlines to create dynamic, personalized offers based on customer segmentation and distribute them through enhanced NDC messages via any direct or indirect channel. Orders are delivered more efficiently with ONE Order capability that allows travelers and the airline to manage all aspects of the trip with one order number.

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Customer Experience

Build a full-service retailing front end to support all customer-initiated digital interactions and provide more flexibility and consistency. Automate and manage fare marketing, campaigns, and compliance restraints to identify and target the right markets with the lowest federally-compliant pricing, and stay connected to customers with automated outbound messaging.

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Built for Airlines

What our customers say

We work closely with our airline partners to evaluate, prioritize, and understand their needs as we build our product roadmap. Our dedicated Customer Advisory Board, filled with some of the world’s leading airline executives, provides a forum to capture critical insights and advance overall commercial decision intelligence and design.

“This is really a Revenue Operating System. It’s no longer thinking about revenue management the way we have in the past where it’s just about handling what’s in front of us.”

Mike Williams

Group General Manager, Air New Zealand
Mike Williams

“Analysts have unlocked more time with FLYR’s user interface. It’s such a responsive tool that allows them to drill into the flights and markets that matter to them the most, as opposed to spending a lot of time in the discovery phase.”

Iain Walker

Head of Domestic Route Performance, Air New Zealand
Iain Walker

“Having confidence in an accurate demand forecast is business-critical for transportation executives. FLYR's innovative technology is generating trustworthy forecasts that is rare in this volatile environment.”

Montie Brewer

Former AirCanada CEO, Board Member Finnair
Montie Brewer

"We want to lead with a digital-first strategy, with the best customer experience, revenue intelligence, and offer & order management. Through our partnership with FLYR, we can achieve this using just one modular, cloud-based, state-of-the-art platform.”

Manuel Ambriz

Chief Commercial Officer, Avianca
Manuel Ambriz

Find out what makes FLYR’s solutions so powerful.

Deep learning AI

Our AI-first platform uses the latest technology to constantly learn from context, analyzing millions of airline and industry data points to offer the most intelligent, optimized results for all decisions.

Single-pane view

View and analyze all passenger, flight, market, and revenue data in one place, across all business operations, to eliminate the siloed information that plagues legacy airline processes.


Technology automates day-to-day decision-making to allow analysts to focus on more strategic business outcomes to improve revenue optimization.

Legacy compatible

Backward-facing integration, powerful APIs, and compatibility with legacy and in-house technology and processes allow airlines to implement new technology quickly, efficiently, and easily.


Built in the cloud, FLYR’s solutions safely and securely manage all airline data, while implementation, maintenance, and continuous feature updates are automatic and included in subscription costs.


Accelerate, optimize, and automate commercial decisions to revolutionize the way travel companies are meeting the demands of today’s connected and dynamic travelers.


News and updates

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Offer and Order

Enabling modern retailing

Airlines that aren’t providing potential customers with dynamic offers when and where they want them could be missing out. Modern consumers expect retailers to provide a seamless bridge from immediate inspiration and personalized shopping to smooth purchase and travel experience.

A business traveler in airplane looking out window.
Offer and Order

The future of modern retailing. Today.

Alex Mans, FLYR's founder & CEO, explains how FLYR can help airlines exceed traveler expectations, without legacy constraints.

Person working on laptop computer.
Offer and Order

Upgrade your offer-order environment today

Total revenue optimization is the new frontier for the modern airline industry. To ensure they are meeting customer demands and expectations, airlines must provide inline and connected offers and orders.

Consumer sitting on roof looking at computer in front of a city skyline.
Customer Experience

Fast-tracking customer experience and revenue performance with offer and order

By providing tailored, intelligent offers to each traveler and managing orders as a single source of truth, airlines can realize more value and boost customer loyalty.

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Commercial Intelligence

AiThority interview with Alex Mans, founder and CEO at FLYR Labs

FLYR founder and CEO Alex Mans spoke with AiThority this month about FLYR's Commercial Operating System for Travel and Transportation and our technology's ability to adapt to changing market conditions for real-time pricing strategies and forecasts.

Data Visualization Insights
Revenue Optimization

Attitudes towards artificial intelligence

Early adopters of AI across industries have already realized and demonstrated its significant benefits, but the travel industry is still slow to embrace this cutting-edge technology to improve business operations, customer experiences, and revenue performance.

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